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School Issue Mobile Phones

  • February 20, 2018 10:43 AM
    Message # 5764609

    Moses Brown is re-evaluating how we handle school sponsored mobile phones. Currently, for those issued phones, the school pays for the phone and the monthly fees. We are considering switching to a monthly stipend and/or having individuals purchase their own phones. Additionally, we are considering having a tiered stipend where individuals who need to be “on call” 24X7 receive ~100% of the estimated monthly fee and other ~50%.


    How are other schools handling this?






    Thomas Chestna P’25 P’30

    Director of Technology

    Moses Brown School

    250 Lloyd Ave

    Providence, RI 02906


  • February 24, 2018 4:02 AM
    Reply # 5875256 on 5764609
    Ben Russell (Administrator)

    We just started offering the option of a stipend to positions who are being issued school-owned phones.  I came from the commercial/private sector and I was surprised to see the schools were still paying 100% and issuing company phones.   With our plans for hosted VOIP phone system, some staff will not need a school issued phone as their desk number becomes portable and mobile (admin staff for example).  For those who are truly never at a desk (facilities/maintenance/technology) I put together this wording when offering this option to our staff:

    You have the option, if you so choose, to 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) for cell phone purposes.   As most employees currently maintain the same or better phone for personal use, this option offers the employee the option to subsidize their personal phone bill while removing the need to manage two phones. Here are the key points to the program:

    1. This option will be offered only to staff who would normally be issued a school Verizon Wireless phone.  Opting in must occur when your school phone (if applicable) is out of contract and may be cancelled.

    2. The school will pay you a stipend monthly comparable to the amount to it would cost to issue you school phone.  

    3. This stipend amount will vary based on the job requirements of the employee receiving the stipend.  Example: if a staff member would be issued a basic phone with voice/text only, their stipend would be less than an employee who would normally receive a smartphone with unlimited data plan.

    4. Please be aware, stipends are usually taxed so the take-home value may not be exactly that of the Stipend

    5.  You will be responsible to maintain your phone in good working condition including upgrading your device as needed to perform your job duties (generally every 2 years or so).

    6. The stipend is designed to subsidize the cost of phone and cover estimated voice, text and data usage added to your plan for work purposes.  The school will not be held responsible for additional/overage billed charges.

    7. For those concerned about their personal phone number being exposed, as part of a upcoming VOIP phone system upgrade, you will be able to use your desk phone number on the go with an app.  

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