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New Special Interest Group for Data

  • January 17, 2019 2:14 PM
    Message # 7007183
    Ann Mariano (Administrator)

    Hello All,

    Last week MassCue hosted DataPalooza in Worcester. About 125 people came who are interested in data analysis, ie what to do with all the data we accumulate in schools and how to reuse it to help students and faculty.

    Much of the conversation revolved around data dashboards and reporting. Several presentations, including one I partnered on, focused on Google Data Studio which allows one to build data dashboards using a variety of data sources, from your SIS, to assessment, to locally gathered data.

    The energy at the conference was terrific and we really want to keep the learning going. As a result we've started a DataSig (Data Special Interest Group at MassCue) for folks who want to continue learning and exploring this topic.

    If you are interested, our new site is at:


    We plan to host monthly meetings (virtual) and some workshops on Google Data Studio and Cloud SQL. We also have some forums for discussions on the topic.



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