RISTE solicits bids and proposals on behalf of its member schools/districts for technology, IT Infrastructure, and related items.

RISTE Consortium Awards

RFP2021-001 - Microsoft Licensing (Contract through 11/1/2024)

SHI Bid Pricing      SHI Award.PDF

        SHI Azure       

        SHI O365                 SHI Contact Information

RFP2021-002 - Cloud Computing (Multi Vendor Award) - Contract through 5/31/23

CDW-G* CDW-G Contact Information

SHI*  SHI Contact Information

Whalley Computer Associates

(WCA)* WCA Contact Information

RFP2021-003 - Devices and Accessories (Multi Vendor Award)  (Contract extension through 7/31/22)

CDW-G  Bid Proposal                        CDW-G Contact Information

GovConnect Bid Proposal Gov Connections Contact Information

SHI Bid Proposal SHI Contact Information

Trafera Bid Proposal Trafera Contact Information

Troxell Bid Proposal Troxell Contact Information

Whalley Computer (WCA) WCA Contact Information

Bid Proposal

* Check with Vendors for specific pricing on Cloud Services

RISTE Price Agreements

ClassLink - 2019

* Click agreement link for details and documentation

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