RISTE Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

RISTE is a not-for-profit,  tax-exempt institution whose mission is to promote excellence in education through the integration of existing and emerging technologies.

RISTE’s primary membership consists of public K-12 school districts, private-independent K-12 schools and religious K-12 schools.  RISTE is an affiliate of the International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE).

RISTE primarily provides leadership, support and training for K-12 educational technology leaders. The membership meets regularly to discuss business matters, educational practice, and technology. RISTE also facilitates member networking as a means of support.

Building relations with Corporate Sponsors is an important aspect of our work.

Sponsors support the work of RISTE. In addition, we work with them to advocate for a better understanding of the needs of the educational community.

Successful engagement with our sponsors will help us to:

* Promote a mutual sharing of emerging trends in education and technology;

* Represent the best interests of educators;

* Understand their products and services well enough to help our colleagues review their options and ask good questions; and

* Influence vendors in ways that benefit the educational community.


Possibilities include, but are not limited to:

* Sponsorship of keynote presentations at events

* Placement of texts or materials at events

* Sponsorship of meals and/or breaks at events

* Providing door prizes at events

* Placement of material on seats at events

* Introduction of speakers or programs at events

Contact director@ri-iste.org to become a sponsor today.

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